Crowning Florals

October 21, 2016

Love them or hate them, flower crowns have been around for a long time now. Well we are firmly in the LOVE camp and absolutely adore the boho gorgeousness these floral halos create. These beauties have been around since Julius Caesar’s days when they would think nothing of happily sporting a laurel halo. They’ve been in and out of fashion throughout the decades and probably the most recognisable era was the 1960s where flower crowns became the hippie’s accessory of choice – signifying love and peace. And if you fancy reading a little more on the history of the flower crown then check out The Knot. 

Well, times have definitely moved on and we’re seeing more and more brides opting for the boho inspired flower crown look on their wedding day. From subtle Gypsophila halos to full on bright and bold florals there’s a way to wear this trend to suit your style.

We've picked seven ways to wear the floral crown so take a look and get inspired....


Floral crown inspiration for the modern bride

 Look 1: asymmetric floral crown

Wow. This is one seriously cool bride. Pale pink tresses and a stunning asymmetric combo of ivory flowers and jagged purple thistle type flowers make this look utterly gorgeous.


bride wearing veil and floral crown 

 Look 2: floral crown and veil

We say yes. Wearing a floral crown certainly doesn't mean compromising your veil. Go all out bridal and rock both together. And if it means you'll be looking this good then definitely.


boho waves and flower crown 

Look 3: bold flowers and boho waves

Go full on floral with a bunch of bright and boho flowers that seriously make an impact. Keep the rest of the look relaxed and wear with tousled beach waves.


Floral hair vine bride

Look 4: Fresh flower hair vine

If a floral crown is a little too much for you then try a more subtle flower hairvine. Choose more delicate flowers and wear towards the back of your head as a hairband and you'll have the look nailed.


 Matching flower crown and bouquet

Look 5: Matching bouquet

Sometimes less isn't always more. If you're going for a pretty flower halo then why not get the bouquet to match. And if you ask us, this look is seriously striking.


Bridesmaids with flower crowns

Look 6: Get your maids involved

This isn't just a look for the bride, your maids can rock the flower power look too. It works for us!


gold grecian style leaf hairvine 

Look 7: Fake it

If you fancy harking back to the Grecian goddess days then this gold leafy hair crown by Victoria Millesime is right up your street. And unlike flowers, it'll keep forever.

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